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What happened in Sweden

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Looking at the group boarding the bus, we started the journey with apprehension.  Half of the 46 children were going on tour for the first time, a quarter younger than 12 years.  The bus did not have a microphone, therefore the lectures on what to do and not to, were to be left for the bustling airport, quite a difficult task!

Our choir members had the privilege of staying with Swedish families at their homes.  For some it was a challenging encounter, nevertheless, something to remember for the rest of their lives.  Most of them had to make use of public transport to get to school every day.  We had lunch at the Adolf Frederiks Musikklasser daily, consisting of at least three different salads, soup/stew, vegetarian option, milk, etc.  The Swedish children have a meal like this every day at school, free of charge. Making friends and socializing were high on the priority list of our Swedish hosts.  The children had ample time to get to know each other; we even had to interfere to ensure that our children got enough rest!

All our performances were infront of a packed house and the choir got standing ovations every time.  However, we were really proud when the Bloemfontein Children's Choir performed together with the other eight international renowned choirs and our choir was the only one that got a standing ovation!  "Sounds of Africa" still seems to be the all-time favourite.

The workshop Huibrie and the childran gave on the South African culture and music scene was most interesting.  One could hear a pin drop during the entire 60 minute presentation and the audience thoroughly enjoyed seeing the African ethnic clothes as well as "Volkspele."

The visit to Örnsköldsvik was pleasant.  We travelled with a luxurious bus and were treated with a fine cooked meal on our way.  The children felt quite at home in the countryside and were spoilt by being transported with a ski-lift to the top of the mountain for a party.  They also had a fun filled afternoon at the "paradise badet", an indoor water park.  Our hosts were proud to take us to the High Coast area to have a glimpse of the world heritage sight at the Baltic Ocean.  We had a concert for a school, but the audience at the evening concert was rewarding and our children performed with their usual energy and smiles.

Back in Stockholm a warm welcome awaited us at the South African Embassy.  Mr Furter and the personnel treated us with rooibos tea and delicious refreshments.  The children not only performed in beautiful churches, they also had the opportunity to visit the Junibacken "Pippi Langkous" and Gamla Stan, the old city of Stockholm.  We ensured that everyone had the opportunity to travel on the subway when we took them to a pedestrian street to do last minute shopping.

To be invited to this prestigious event as one of nine top international children's and youth choirs was an exciting prospect.  However, seeing our members on stage, shoulder to shoulder with representatives of these choirs, was a really proud moment.

All the glory to God for blessing this choir and keeping us all healthy and safe!

-Magdel Dippenaar (Tour organizer)


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