Train tour to PE


Journey to the sea

28 Nov - 1 Dec 2008

Believe it or not, but the choir went to PE, not by car, not by bus, but by train! This tour was a bit different than the usual tours: we did not sing one time, or atleast not at a concert.

Knowing that trains can be late at times we were more or less prepared to wait, and wait and wait. The train finally arrived three hours later than the expected time. We boardered the train with excitement, the sea was our destination. Playing games, taking funny photo's and just having fun helped to make the time fly.

In PE, a bus took us to the Lodge where we would have spent the night. When our luggage was settled in our seperate rooms, we walked to Nelson Mandela beach. Most of the choir members went straight into the icey water. After a good swim in the sea we went to swim in swimming pools close to the beach. We had sand in our hair and the sun reflecting in our eyes.

We walked to Broadwalk Mall after we cleaned up and changed. A surprize was waiting for us: We watched the new James Bond movie (Quantum Of Solace) and we ate at Nando's. Before returning to the Lodge, we sang a couple of songs in the night light. Dreamland was visited by all the choir members that night.

The Sunday morning was started with a walk to the beach. Only a few members swam this time. Back at the Lodge, every room made their own breakfast. We also made lunch and supper for later on the train. After we thanked all the adults that accompanied us on the tour we went to the station by bus.

We boarded the train and got settled in different compartments. But the returning journey had only just begun...